A Detailed Guide on Healthcare Web Development Service

healthcare web development

The world is becoming more digital and healthcare web development is also a part of it. Digitally, people can communicate faster than other means, so a medical facility must have web services. You can treat 1,000 patients at once using a healthcare app. 80% of Americans search online for healthcare-related information nowadays.
Web development services can help you achieve your targeted business goal. Here are some nuances and main trends in website design. Also, the average cost of healthcare Apps.

Reasons for healthcare web development services

• 24/7 presence

Medical service is often connected to an emergency service; people need help at any time. If you have an app, you can guide and support yourself around the clock. They can book appointments, and get all information and counseling remotely.

• Credibility

Many people trust doctors for healthcare-related information. According to the survey, 47% of people searched for online doctors, and 63% chose one healthcare provider over another for a strong online presence. So you have to present online, and an app can help you the most.

• Competitiveness

The healthcare industry is not only competitive but also prospective. By volume of investment, it is the fastest-growing start-up industry. To sustain the competition, you must meet the client’s needs at a better or lower cost than your competitors. And that’s possible only by having a well-developed healthcare website.

Your healthcare website can be differentiated from others by showing data in a clean, informative, and well-designed way. For that, HealthSoul offers the following tips. So, keep reading!

Top advice regarding healthcare web development services

● Include a data description
● Only useful information
● The visualization should be clear, clean, and simple
● Use only working solutions
● The color contrast level of the charts and graphs should be high


1. Accessibility of the website

A healthcare website should be made for all kinds of people, disabled people will also access the website. Include voice readers. text transcripts for podcasts, HTML tags and captions, color contrast, and image alt text.


● Mobile-friendly website design
● Follow the web content accessibility guidelines.

2. Navigation should be simple

Faster and easy access to useful information is important. 94% of people said the most useful website feature is easy navigation.


● Add clear CTAs
● Create a menu of your most important pages.

3. Colors

One of the most influential entities on your healthcare website is color. So use high contrast colors on text.


● 2-3 main colors should be used
● Colors should not be of a high contrast level

4. Key Features

Include key features such as user profile management, video consultation, the doctors’ team, appointment management search, payments, calendar, and notifications.


1. Market Discovery

In this stage, you will learn your user’s requirements. We will help you research the market, target audience, and competitors. To understand the type of clients you have, our team will create prototype clients. We will conduct user interviews and create CMJ to analyze the experience and behavior. You have to keep in mind the problem, the solution, and whether people are ready to pay for your service.

2. Design and test a model

You should use 25% of your resources on research and the rest for prototyping. It has a general business logic and basic function. You must look after the verification of patience, payments, and the best way of communicating. It should be objective, and the initial assumption should not be put on the customer’s decision.

3. Design and development

You should hire a good UX and UI designer for your app’s development. Uptch will research and develop every part of your web development. Frontend will need HTML5, React, CSS3, D3. Js, JS, Backend Node.js, MySQL, and AWS

4. Make your app compliant

Your healthcare web app must comply with HIPAA regulations. HIPAA ensures the protection of personal healthcare information for patients and providers. While developing a healthcare app in the USA, a crucial entity is data privacy.

5. Launch

It is the final stage. After all the research, testing, design, and development, it is time for the product launch. You must take care of, app analytics, features, and the next version.

Time taken for healthcare web development service

 Features Approximate development time
Search  25
Payments 60
Calendar 70
Notifications 60
User profile 80
Video consultation 120
Doctors team overview 40
Appointments management 120

Wrapping Up

Are you looking for a healthcare web development service for your practice? Partner with HealthSoul for expert guidance.