Boost Learning with Quizlet Live: Ultimate Guide

With the evolution of new and innovative teaching methods, Quizlet has revolutionized the world of online education and empowers teachers and students with an innovative result-driven teaching method.

Quizlet live is a collaborative learning system that lets teachers teach students using a wide variety of game-based activities to boost their learning skills. Students enjoy this innovative learning system rather than regular textbook reading. They play the games with flashcards while teachers have their live data to track their progress. Using these flashcards students make practice and teachers monitor their performance. Quizlett has emerged as one of the most robust tools to engage students. 

What Is Quizlett live?

Quizlet Live is a robust online learning platform that boasts with wide array of features making learning more engaging and effective.   It is a collaborative learning platform that possesses various game-based formative assessment tools like Kahoot, Blooket etc. It has two game modes, a team mode where students work together to answer questions and review terms and conditions, and an individual mode in which students learn with play against each other. 

Working in a very simple easy way Quizlet enables you to select a study set you created or can use the study sets you added to your library. You can click on live and Quizlet Live automatically generates a unique code and students can join by scanning the QR code on their device.

Besides these Quizlet provides numerous practice sets created by the instructors, for students to learn seamlessly.

The game-based learning platform Quizlet made learning fun and encouraged students to collaborate with peers and compete interactively in real-time.

How to Play Quizlet Live in Teams Mode?

Consisting of four players in a team, the team mode enables students to work together and provide answers to the relevant questions. Here is how to play quizlet live in team mode.

  • Log into your Quizlet teacher account.
  • Click a study set you wish to opt for.
  • Pick “live from the bottom left corner.
  •  Choose Class live  and get started
  • Select Random Teams
  • Now pick the combination of prompts, and locations that is available on the Diagrams.
    • Definitions as prompts, terms as answers.
    • Terms as prompts, definitions as answers.
    • Terms as prompts, locations on a diagram as answers.
    • Definition as prompts, locations on a diagram as answers (Only available on Diagram sets.)
  • Now you need to project your screen for the whole class to view.
  • Then address pliers to open Quizlet and join the class by scanning the code.
  • Choose “Create Game” and click on Start Game.
  • The players are assigned to play with randomly selected teams and if you wish to change the team members you can click on shuffle to change the members of each team. But remember that you can remove them before the start of the game.

How to Play Quizlet Live in Individual Mode?

In an individual mode, players get to play against each other.

  • Log in to your Quizlet teacher account.
  • Choose  a study set
  • Now click on Live and choose Classic Live.
  • Choose “Create game” 
  • Click on individuals.
  • Here, you need to select the prompts and answers in combination you wish to see.
  • Now ask students to join by scanning the generated code, if you are using a smart device.
  • Choose “Create Game”.
  • Click on start game.

That’s how you can join the tests conducted by this amazing educational platform quizlet live and boost your learning skill.

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