dental bonding

Have you ever been amazed by the perfect smile of celebrities? How do they manage to have achieved that flawless, sparkling whites arranged in complete alignment with their lips? A beautiful smile is said to be the curve that sets everything straight. It forms an integral part of your confident personality, giving you an edge over others. It is believed that the subconscious mind connects and notices the esthetic smile as the first thing on the face of the opposing person, leaving a lasting charismatic effect. Your mind automatically turns into acceptance mode when encountered by that splendid smile. This is the scientific reason for the fact that people with a perfect smile tend to be more successful in life as compared to those having unaesthetic smiles.

What is esthetic dentistry?

If you ever feel the need to correct your smile, improve the appearance of your teeth or whiten/brighten your smile, search for dental bonding near me or teeth bonding near me. Esthetic dentistry is the art and science that deals with the proportions of teeth. It also deals with their arrangements, and curves which make the smile look esthetic. This can be achieved using a combination of dental bonding, dental veneers, and orthodontic treatment.

What is adhesive dentistry?

Why search for dental bonding near me or teeth bonding near me? You first need to understand that dental bonding involves the process of bonding (chemo-mechanical adhesion) of tooth-colored restorative materials known as dental composite resins. Dental bonding is used for the correction of minor chips (fractures), to close diastemas (gaps between front teeth) as well as to change the shape and color of the teeth. The fundamental difference between bonding and dental veneers is that dental bonding is reversible. Dental veneers also serve the same purpose but involve grinding (reduction) of the front surface of the tooth which causes thinning of the enamel layer and it is not reversible.

When is dental bonding required?

You must search for teeth bonding near me or dental bonding near me if you think you need to get some of your teeth cavities filled. It can be used to change the look of your tooth by altering the color & shape of your front teeth. Dental bonding can make your teeth look longer or whiter. Likewise, it can also be used to match the tooth shade with that of the adjacent tooth or to close spaces or gaps between your front teeth. All these modifications will ultimately improve your smile, making it more pleasing and appealing.

How is dental bonding done?

Dental bonding is one of the most common procedures practiced at any dental office. When you search for teeth bonding near me or dental bonding near me, you are likely to find many dental offices offering this service. Dental bonding requires the esthetic dental expert to select the perfect shade for the tooth to be treated. Many times, a single tooth is required to be treated by multiple shades to achieve the esthetic result. The next step is to prepare your tooth to receive the filling. This can be carried out by giving it a receptive shape, preparing bevels, or removing any decayed tooth part. Then the composite resin material is applied to the tooth, shaped, and cured using a special wavelength curing light. The last, but most important, step is finishing and polishing the bonded tooth surface.

Frequently asked questions about dental bonding

Dental bonding is a single-sitting dental procedure that sometimes requires local anesthesia. It is not painful and does not require any medications to be consumed before or after the procedure. You can eat and work immediately after having your dental composite filling. Also, you need to maintain it clean by using proper oral hygiene methods such as mouth rinse and flossing. Dental fillings may sometimes come off and can be easily corrected or redone.

However, a nicely done and properly maintained dental filling is usually expected to last for 5-10 years. It is the most effective, economic, and least invasive procedure to get your teeth corrected for any cavities or irregularities. Also, after having your dental bonding appointment, it is essential to visit the dentist for a follow-up if you feel your bite is off or slightly high. So, if you think you need some esthetic smile corrections or cavities filled, don’t wait until it becomes worse.

Wrapping Up

Search for dental bonding near me or teeth bonding near me and get a dental bonding treatment at the earliest by getting connected to Spring Dental Clinic.