A Guide to Small Velux Loft Conversions

small velux loft conversion

Loft conversions are a fantastic way to add space and value to your home without extending your property’s footprint. Among the various types of loft conversions, those utilizing Velux windows are particularly popular for their simplicity and effectiveness in bringing natural light into previously dark and unused spaces. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about small Velux loft conversions.

Why Choose a Velux Loft Conversion?

small Velux loft conversions are one of the most straightforward and cost-effective ways to transform your loft. Here are some key benefits:

Natural Light: Velux windows, also known as roof windows, flood your loft with natural light, creating a bright and welcoming space.

Minimal Structural Alterations: Unlike other types of loft conversions, Velux conversions typically don’t require extensive structural changes, making them less disruptive and more affordable.

Planning Permission: Most Velux loft conversions fall under permitted development rights, meaning you might not need planning permission.

Planning Your Small Velux Loft Conversion

Before diving into the conversion, there are a few essential steps to consider:

Assessing Feasibility

Firstly, check if your loft is suitable for conversion. A few key points to consider are:

Head Height: Ideally, you should have a minimum head height of 2.2 meters in the center of the loft.

Roof Structure: The type of roof structure can impact the complexity of the conversion. Traditional framed roofs are easier to convert compared to trussed roofs.

Access: Ensure there is enough space to install a staircase leading to your new loft room.


Set a realistic budget for your project. Costs can vary widely depending on factors like the size of the loft, the quality of finishes, and any additional features you want to include. Generally, Velux loft conversions are more affordable than other types because they don’t require major structural alterations.

Design Considerations

Think about how you want to use your new space. Common uses for loft conversions include:

Bedroom: An additional bedroom can add significant value to your home.

Home Office: Create a quiet, dedicated workspace away from the hustle and bustle of the main living areas.

Playroom: A perfect spot for kids to play and store their toys.

Choosing Velux Windows

The right Velux windows are crucial for maximizing light and ventilation. Consider the following:

Size and Placement: Larger windows or multiple windows will allow more light in. Think about where the sun will be at different times of day.

Glazing Options: Velux windows come with various glazing options, including energy-efficient and noise-reducing glass.

Steps to Complete Your Conversion

1. Hire Professionals

While some experienced DIY enthusiasts might tackle a loft conversion themselves, hiring professionals is usually the best route. You’ll need an architect or a specialist loft conversion company to design the space and handle any necessary planning applications.

2. Structural Work

Once your plans are approved, the structural work begins. This usually involves reinforcing the floor, adding insulation, and installing roof windows.

3. Electrical and Plumbing

If you’re adding a bathroom or need electrical outlets and lighting, this work will be done after the structural alterations.

4. Finishing Touches

Finally, the space is plastered, painted, and finished with flooring and any other design elements you’ve chosen.

Making the Most of Your Small Loft Space

Here are some tips to maximize your small loft space:

Built-in Storage: Utilize the eaves for built-in storage to keep the room clutter-free.

Light Colors: Light, neutral colors can make the space feel larger and more open.

Multi-functional Furniture: Consider furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as a sofa bed or a desk that folds away.


A small Velux loft conversion is a fantastic way to add valuable space and light to your home. By carefully planning and utilizing professional help, you can create a beautiful, functional space that enhances your living environment. Whether you need an extra bedroom, a home office, or a cozy retreat, a Velux loft conversion can transform your home with minimal fuss and maximum impact.