How Do I Split a vCard File Online? – Precise Guide


Do you know how do i split a vCard file online? Do you have a need to divide large-sized VCF into multiple VCF files? Usually, choosing an adequate method to split VCF files is a matter of concern for many users. As we all know how confidential the detail one vCard carries. In order to get a reliable method you must follow this blog, here I will talk about a precise method that will help you greatly.

Users Doubt –

Hey, I am Anny, I belong to New York. I work in an organization and we use here IMB Verse to manage database. And I have exported multiple VCF files from IBM Verse. I need to split some of my large-sized VCF files into smaller .vcf files. Can anyone recommend me any simple and accurate solution for the query how do i split a vCard file online? I have an urgent need of your guidance on this issue. Thanks.

How Do I Split a vCard File Online? – Working Steps

Following are basic working steps given that one should follow to divide large sized VCF into multiple VCF files:

Step1: Firstly, it is required to launch open vCard Converter Tool on Windows PC.

Step2: Then there are twin options (Add Files and Add Folder) that you can opt for to upload VCF files.

Step3: Users may remove undesired data opting for “Remove” and “Remove All” options.

Step4: Now there are many way available to split VCF files accordingly such as:

  • Split By Each Contact
  • Split By Number of Contacts
  • Split By Keyword

Step5: Lastly users may change desired destination path. Lastly click on the “Export” button to start splitting process.

Why Should I Opt For VCF Splitter Tool? – Advantages

  • CubexSoft vCard Splitter Tool is the one only solution that ensures complete guarantee of providing accurate output.
  • The software facilitates vCard Splitting according to preference of users.
  • It avails dual options that support to add multiple contact files on selective basis.
  • In a few easy clicks, users will be able to get output without any fallacy.
  • It is a time saviour approach as it takes few seconds of time to execute and accomplish splitting task.
  • No need to gain technical knowledge for using this app.
  • Without any limitation on size of files, it is allowable to split any size of VCF file.
  • Users have option to change destination path the resultants accordingly.
  • Accessibility of log-report enables to view all the information of VCF Splitting process.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Will this app enable to create multiple VCF files of equal number of contacts?

Answer: Yes for sure, users may split VCF files with choosing “Split By Number of Contacts” option.

How many files are allowed to upload for VCF splitting?

Answer: There is no such limit has been put, so one can upload unlimited files for vCard splitting.

Do I need to attain some technical expertise to use this app?

Answer: No, it is very simple to use this tool.

Wrap Up

VCF Contact Splitter Application is Window compatible that can be operable on any Windows Operating Systems edition – Windows 10, 11, 7, 8, 8.1, XP, Vista, etc. This app makes it permissible to export vCard edition 2.1, and vCard 3.0. This method is safe to opt for as it will retain all the original contact field details. And it will also support vCard file of any platform for .vcf splitting. Users can tackle query how do i split a vCard file online opting for free demo which permits to use 5 VCF files for splitting without any charges.

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