How to make a joint post on Instagram?

Social media is an integral part of everyday communication, and Instagram stands out as a platform for creativity and personal expression. In this context, the collabs post function opens up new possibilities for users. It allows you to join forces, share content and reach, creating a unique space for cooperation.

Imagine a situation where you could combine your ideas with others to create something unique and reach a wider audience. This is not only a way to increase your reach, but also to build relationships and networks. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to use this feature effectively, analyzing its benefits and the potential challenges of co-creating content in the digital world of Instagram. BuyGreeceFollowers will also provide practical tips on how to implement joint fasting step by step to maximize its potential.

What is a shared post on Instagram?

A shared post on Instagram, also known as a “collab post”, is a feature that allows two users to co-create and post together on their profiles. The main purpose of this feature is to allow users to collaborate and share content, which increases the reach of the post and promotes interaction between different groups of followers.

Here’s what a shared post on Instagram looks like:

  1. Co-authorship– the post is marked as created by two users. Both the username of the person who originally created the post and the person you invited to collaborate appear at the top of the post.
  2. Shared reach– the post appears on both users’ profiles, as well as in the news feeds of their followers. This means that the post can reach a wider audience than a standard post.
  3. Shared interactions– likes, comments and shares are common to both users. This means that any interactions with the post are visible on both profiles, allowing for better interaction and engagement with both users’ followers.

Shared posts on Instagram are particularly popular among brands, influencers and content creators looking to increase their visibility and engage with other creators. It’s also a great way for friends or people with similar interests to share content and achieve greater reach.

How to create a collaborative post on Instagram?

There are several reasons why you should do a collaborative post on Instagram:

Increased reach: Shared posts appear on both users’ profiles and in the newsfeeds of their followers. Thanks to this, the reach of the post can be much greater than with a standard post.

  • Building relationships and networks– collaborating on Instagram with other users can help you establish new relationships and expand your network, which is especially important for brands, influencers and content creators.
  • Increased engagement– ​​Shared posts can generate more interactions such as likes, comments and shares because they connect followers of both users.
  • Access to new audiences– by collaborating with other users, you can reach their followers, which can help expand your visibility among new audiences.
  • Creativity and diversity of content– ​​cooperation allows you to combine different styles and perspectives, which can enrich the content of the post and make it more attractive to followers.
  • Promoting collaboration and co-creation– a joint post on Instagram can be an expression of collaboration between brands, content creators or simply friends, which can positively impact the image and perception of followers.
  • Innovation– Using new features such as shared posts shows that you are up to date with the latest social media trends, which can increase your attractiveness as a content creator or brand.

Is it worth knowing when creating a joint post on Instagram?

Instagram collab allows you to share one post on two different accounts, provided that both parties consent. One user can send an invitation to another to contribute content. It is important that both users have equal control over editing photos, descriptions, etc. Reactions and shares on such a post are aggregated, which increases the chance for better engagement and greater reach.

This option is especially beneficial for advertisers and business owners who can expand brand awareness this way. In today’s era, where social media plays a key role in sales, such activities contribute not only to direct sales growth, but also to your long-term marketing strategy. Using the reach of influencers can bring benefits in building your own image.

This feature is also available to other Instagram users, providing an attractive option for tagging loved ones in posts together. For example, if you have trouble choosing which user has priority in publishing a group photo from your trip, you can use this feature to enjoy greater reach and shared enjoyment of the post. Thanks to this, each participant in co-creation benefits without losing any of their contribution.


Instagram is constantly evolving, introducing new features that change the way users can co-create and share content. One such innovation is the ability to make a collaborative post on Instagram, known as Instagram Collab. This new feature allows two users to share the same post or reel on their feeds, opening the door to extensive collaboration on Instagram.

To make a joint post on Instagram, simply select the “invite co-authors” option after tapping the “+” icon in the application. Then, after another user accepts the invitation, they both become co-creators of the post. This allows you to share your content with more people, increasing your reach to build awareness of your brand or profile. Moreover, collaboration on Instagram, especially in the form of joint posts, is becoming an important element of modern social media marketing.