How To Remove Stains From Dry Clean Only Clothing?

Splashed coffee on your off-white “only dry clean” shirt last night? Don’t panic because I am here with the exact solution to your problem. Let connect with me at the end to remove any stains from your dry-cleaned shirt at home.

Take your fabric in your hand and let’s start to remove stains from dry clclean-onlylothing with me. , in this article, I am going to tell you how to remove stains from dry clean-only clothing with simple and easy stain removal techniques by which you can remove any stains from your fabric.

Equipment; You Need To Remove Stains From Dry Clean Garments At Home

You don’t need to go outside to buy any stain removal because your stain removal equipment is already available at your home.

  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Alcohol
  • Dish soap
  • Soft brush
  • sink/bowl

Simple Tricks To Remove Stains From Dry Clean Only Clothing

Your “Only dry clean” garments need special care to remove any stains and here I explain you easy tips. Get started to remove any stains from dry clean fabric at home with these simple tips.

Check Garment Care Instructions Label before Treatment

Your clothes are not suitable for water washing and you don’t know how to remove stains from dry clean only clothing. Ditch your worry and check the care instruction label on your fabrics. A care instruction label is a helpful guideline to wash your clothes with suitable strategies, so follow it before treatment. It will help you to choose the suitable cleaning method for your favorite garment.

Examine The Stain Type

You receive different stains on your clothes in everyday life and all stain removal does not work the same on all kinds of stains. If you don’t know the type of stain, you can’t choose suitable stain removal techniques according to them. Therefore, first, analyze the stain type that is on your fabric, and then search for the exact stain removal strategy according to them.

Common Stains On Dry Cleaned Garments

As I above mentioned all stains are not the same therefore their stain removal methods are not the same. Here I explain to you some common stains and the right stain removal technique according to them.

Oil And Grease Stains

Since you get grease and oil stains from the kitchen, and also its solution is available in your kitchen. Drop a small amount of liquid dish wash on the stained part and after rubbing gently wash it with cold water.

Remove Wine Stains

Get wine stains on your shirt and in search of how to remove wine stains from only dry clean clothes. Forget your worries and apply this strategy to your shirt to remove wine stains. Make a solution of equal parts of dish soap and white vinegar and soak your stained part in this solution for 15 minutes. After removing the stain, wash your fabric with cold water.

Remove Blood Stains

A blood stain is although difficult to dry clean only on garments but if your stain is fresh then do the same process as you do to remove wine stain. Mix white vinegar and dish soap in equal quantities and dab your fabric in this solvent. After 15 minutes wash your fabric with cold water. And if your blood is old then hire a laundry and dry cleaning service to remove it professionally.

Remove Ink Stains

Ink stains are not hard to remove from dry clean fabric here I tell you a simple home remedy to remove ink stains from your fabric. take a small piece of cotton and dip it in alcohol. Apply this alcohol cotton swab on the stained part of your fabric. After 5 minutes wash your fabric with cold water.

Professional Stain Removal By Laundry And Dry Cleaning Services

As above I mentioned how to remove stains from dry clean only clothing at home by the use of easy stain removal techniques. All the above-mentioned stain removal strategies are for fresh and small quantity stains. But if your stain is old and spread on a large part of your fabric then take the services of a local laundry service to remove any stain from dry clean only garments. I understand finding a reputable Laundry Pickup Service is another irritating task so don’t worry I am here to solve this problem too.

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