Most Loved Chocolate Cakes

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We all know how much chocolates are loved all over the world. Be it anyone- children or adults! No one can say NO to their favourite chocolate. Chocolates are nowadays present in almost every dessert or delectable. It is known as the Food Of Love. Yes, you heard it right! It is simple- we love chocolates because it tastes fantastic. Dark chocolate, the nutty one, the hazelnut, Nutella and other flavours of chocolate are just the pride and joy of every celebration.

Chocolate cakes are the first preference of everyone and one of the most popular bakery items of all time. Every occasion becomes a little more memorable and happy with the presence of cakes. And of course, then there are times when we don’t need any occasion or celebration to eat our favourite-flavoured chocolate cake. So you get one because you are craving it. Over the years and decades, the renditions of chocolate cakes have changed- that is why chocolate lovers have a hard time selecting their favourites.

Chocolate in any form just makes everyone’s day better and happy. Chocolate cakes make the perfect dessert for every party or celebration. You can always serve your guests the best chocolate cake in different flavours- to make the celebration even more exciting and joyous. You can always order your favourite chocolate cake with beautiful and amazing cake tops from Whipped. Here’s a list of the best chocolate cakes that are extremely popular and loved by everyone.

Best Chocolate Cakes

The combination of chocolate cake with different desserts like vanilla ice cream, Nutella, hazelnut and different fruits would just make it even more delightful and tasty. As decadently dark, sinful and tasty chocolate cakes are, they are irresistible. Some of the best chocolate cakes are-

  • Dutch truffle cake- Dutch truffle cake is one the most loved chocolate decadent that is layered with cocoa powder, dark chocolate and sugar. It has a rich and bittersweet texture which gives it an amazing taste. It is filled with fluffy, smooth whipped ganache which is frosted with a rich chocolate layer. Order your favourite chocolate cake with cake toppers from Whipped now!
  •  Chocolate mousse cake- A simple chocolate cake filled with dark chocolate with layers of smooth and creamy chocolaty mousse. This cake has simple ingredients like fresh whipped cream, rich chocolate, fruit puree and whipped egg whites. It is highly versatile due to its airy and foamy texture which is piped down between two layers of sponges. This makes it a classic dessert- perfect for every party.
  • Triple chocolate cake- Out of all chocolate decadent desserts, triple chocolate cake is one of the most loved because of its amazing layerings and textures. As the name suggests, it has three rich layers of- milk, white and dark chocolate. This chocolate cake makes the most beautiful gradient going from dark to light. What are you waiting for? Order your favourite chocolate cake from Whipped with the most beautiful cake toppers.

Wrapping Up

Well, it has now become a ritual to have something as a dessert after dinner so that the day ends on a more sweet and happy note. Whipped has been serving customers the most amazing delectables and desserts- that are traditionally made and curated with utmost love and care. We have always prioritised quality over quantity. Made with fresh cream and ingredients, we use all-natural products with zero preservatives. Our passion and love for baked items show in the way we deliver desserts and tasty delectables. Bring a wide smile to your loved ones’ faces by ordering their favourite cake and beautiful cake toppers from Whipped. Visit our website for more information.