PinPoints To Focus On The Multi-Service Business Like Gojek App Clone

Gojek app clone

The multi-service platforms like Gojek are emerging rapidly nowadays in all regions. It is because of the enhancing demands of the all-in-one app. Yes, people are in the desire to have an all-in-one marketplace in their app, rather than having multiple on-demand apps. 

Due to this increasing demand, the Gojek clone apps are gaining revenues in billions. A report shows that compared to the Gojek like app market growth in the year 2019, these multi-service apps will possess a 36% increased value by the year 2023. And surely, these CAGR values would rise triple times within the next 5 years. 

So, starting a Gojek app clone business would be a lucrative venture to complete your entrepreneurship goals. 

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Points To Concentrate Strongly Before The Gojek App Clone Development

Before entering the multi-service business development it is important to understand the crucial factors. Here I’ve mentioned the important points to look at. 

Research And Analyse Your Market

There are dynamic points to cover while analyzing the multi-service markets and their demands. Some of them are, 

  • Knowing the target audience
  • Understanding the competitors’ strengths and weakness
  • Unique features and traits leveraged by the contenders
  • Demands and the trends in the multi-service marketplace
  • Effective strategies are used in the multi-service business model to capture potential users. 
  • Finding the niche services that should be included in your app marketplace. 

Looking deeply into these points will help you to make the business plan smart and clear. And also assist you in where to start the development process first. 


2. Think About Your Unique Selling Points 

There are a lot of multi-service apps available in the market, but only a few like Gojek and Grab are getting success. Did you ever think, about how these apps are attaining success?  

My sole answer for their success is the distinct USPs they integrated with their features and in the selling services. These USPs will truly convey to the consumers the quality of your app service and its functionalities. 

So, list your unique selling points, to confirm in what way you are going to impress your consumers for their retention and the signups of new users. 


3. Decide The Core And Advanced Features Of Your Gojek App Clone

Though you are following the Gojek app’s business model, you need to focus on the core features that should be integrated with your multi-service app. Because the navigation and the presence of the core features will make a brand reputation for your multi-service business. 

Also, have a pin list of the advanced features you need to lock with your Gojek clone apps’ customization. The smart features in your multi-service app can be used as the key to revenue generation, like, compelling to use the features with a subscription plan. Also. the way of presenting the key features will show the flawless performance of your multi-service app. 


4. Focus On The Innovations 

Creating something unique will make your multi-service platform a qualified one among the potential users. So, focus on doing innovations in your Gojek clone app’s features and its functionalities. 

For example, giving a bidding option for the services in the multi-service app is a unique pitch for both the service providers and the users. Using this option a service provider and the users can affordably get their needy service. 

Similar, to these options, integrate some connectivity options between different services if any user books a movie ticket, ask them to fetch a cab ride. This will make the users leverage your app for two services simultaneously, where you can gain revenue in a sole path. 

Let’s invent the features of your Gojek-like app in these modules. 


5. Concentrate On Your Key Aspects

It is crucial to have a separate vision of your key aspects. 

The core aspect of your development is to select the platforms to launch your Gojek clone app. Based on the target users, choose your marketplace platforms, such as native apps, web, and hybrid apps. 

The next key factor is the UX and UI. Showing the distinctness of the user interface will make a good impression at first sight. Also creating attractive navigation would cause your users to stick with the app for a long time. 

Let’s focus on these two key points that will lead your Gojek clone app to a huge user base and great retention. 

Sum Up

Focus on the above-mentioned 5 pinpoints to make your multi-service app business a triumph. Having a deep analysis and creating a clean report would complete your multi-service business dynamic and step you out from the contenders. 

Let’s launch your multi-service business quickly with any customizable Gojek clone script