Preserved Flowers in Singapore

Preserved Flowers


Have you ever admired the timeless beauty of preserved flowers? These stunning blooms are taking Singapore by storm, offering a unique and lasting alternative to fresh flowers. But what exactly are preserved flowers, and why are they becoming so popular in Singapore? Let’s dive into the world of preserved flowers and explore this blooming trend.

What are Preserved Flowers?

Preserved flowers are real flowers that have undergone a special preservation process to maintain their fresh appearance and feel for an extended period, often months or even years. Unlike dried flowers, which can become brittle and lose their color, preserved flowers retain their natural beauty and softness.

The Popularity of Preserved Flowers in Singapore

In recent years, preserved flowers have become increasingly popular in Singapore. This trend can be attributed to their longevity, low maintenance, and the growing desire for sustainable and eco-friendly options in floral décor. Whether for home decoration, gifts, or special occasions, preserved flowers are a stylish and practical choice.

Understanding Preserved Flowers

The Preservation Process

The preservation process involves treating fresh flowers with a mixture of non-toxic chemicals that replace the sap and water in the plant cells. This process helps to retain the flower’s natural appearance and flexibility, making them look as if they were just picked from the garden.

Differences Between Fresh, Dried, and Preserved Flowers

  • Fresh Flowers: Freshly cut and used for immediate arrangements, but they have a short lifespan.
  • Dried Flowers: Naturally air-dried or dehydrated, often becoming brittle and faded over time.
  • Preserved Flowers: Treated to maintain their fresh look and feel for a prolonged period, without the brittleness of dried flowers.

Advantages of Preserved Flowers


One of the most significant advantages of preserved flowers is their longevity. Unlike fresh flowers that wilt within a week, preserved flowers can last for months or even years with minimal care.

Low Maintenance

Preserved flowers require very little maintenance. They don’t need water, sunlight, or soil, making them an ideal choice for those who love flowers but lack the time or skills to care for them.


Although preserved flowers may have a higher upfront cost than fresh flowers, their extended lifespan makes them a cost-effective option in the long run. You won’t need to replace them frequently, saving both time and money.

Popular Types of Preserved Flowers

Preserved Roses

Roses are one of the most popular choices for preservation. Their timeless beauty and variety of colors make them perfect for any occasion.

Preserved Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas add a touch of elegance and volume to floral arrangements. Their large, colorful blooms make a statement in any setting.

Preserved Carnations

Carnations are known for their ruffled petals and variety of colors. They are durable and maintain their beauty well through the preservation process.

Uses of Preserved Flowers

Home Décor

Preserved flowers are perfect for home décor, adding a touch of natural beauty without the upkeep. They can be used in vases, wreaths, or as part of a centerpiece.

Wedding Arrangements

For weddings, preserved flowers offer a lasting memento of the special day. They can be used in bouquets, boutonnieres, and table arrangements, ensuring the flowers look perfect from start to finish.

Corporate Gifts

Preserved flowers make excellent corporate gifts. They are elegant, long-lasting, and convey a sense of appreciation and sophistication.

Where to Buy Preserved Flowers in Singapore

Local Florists

Many local florists in Singapore now offer a range of preserved flowers. These shops often provide customized arrangements and expert advice.

Online Stores

Online stores offer a convenient way to browse and purchase preserved flowers. Many websites provide detailed descriptions and images, making it easy to find the perfect arrangement.

Specialty Shops

Specialty shops dedicated to preserved flowers can be found throughout Singapore. These shops often offer unique and high-quality options that you won’t find elsewhere.

Caring for Preserved Flowers

Cleaning Tips

To keep your preserved flowers looking their best, gently dust them with a soft brush or use a hairdryer on a low, cool setting to remove dust.

Placement Tips

Place your preserved flowers in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight and humidity. Avoid placing them near heat sources or in areas with high moisture levels.

Avoiding Damage

Handle your preserved flowers with care to avoid crushing or damaging the petals. Avoid touching them frequently, as the oils from your hands can affect their appearance.

Trends in Preserved Flowers

Color Trends

Currently, pastel shades and neutral tones are trending in preserved flower arrangements. These colors add a soft and elegant touch to any space.

Environmental Impact of Preserved Flowers


Preserved flowers are a sustainable option as they last longer and reduce the need for frequent replacements. This results in less waste and a smaller environmental footprint.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Many companies that produce preserved flowers use eco-friendly practices and non-toxic chemicals in the preservation process, further enhancing their sustainability.

Comparing Preserved Flowers with Artificial Flowers

Aesthetic Differences

Preserved flowers look and feel more natural than artificial flowers. They maintain the texture and softness of fresh flowers. Their vibrant colors and lifelike appearance make them a preferred choice for many. Moreover, preserved flowers add a touch of elegance and authenticity to any setting.

Preserved flowers may be more expensive initially, but their longevity makes them a cost-effective choice over time compared to artificial flowers that may need replacing due to wear and tear. Their durability means fewer replacements, saving money in the long run. Additionally, preserved flowers maintain their beauty, providing lasting value for your investment.


Preserved flowers in Singapore are a fantastic option for those who love the beauty of flowers but want a longer-lasting, low-maintenance alternative. Their popularity in Singapore is a testament to their appeal and practicality. Whether for home décor, weddings, or gifts, preserved flowers offer a sustainable and beautiful solution. As the market continues to grow and innovate, the future looks bright for these everlasting blooms.