lab technician

Lab assistant jobs are projected to be high-in-demand jobs for the next few years as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These jobs deal with assisting the chief laboratory pathologist in various laboratory procedures and making pathology reports. Lab assistant jobs also demand the technician to perform clinical procedures such as blood collection and sample collection from the patients for laboratory testing and examination. It also includes managing patient records and samples as well as archiving computer-based patient records and reports.

Travel Medical Lab Technician

The modernization and technological innovation of developed countries have far-reaching impacts on the medical field. The concept of traveling medical lab technicians has grown beyond expectations. Traveling healthcare professionals as medical lab assistant involves contract-based recruitment at remote and far locations where the demand-supply ratio of healthcare professionals does not allow easy availability of permanent recruits. The aspect of traveling medical lab technician holds many pros and cons; the decision to take up the job or leave it should be an individual one.

Pros regarding travel medical lab technician jobs

A traveling job is fun for someone who loves to visit places and explore new cities. Your travel contracts require you to work at new places throughout the year so that you can travel and work at the same time while making money. If the job locations are scenic, the travel becomes a perk of this job rather than a headache.

Travel lab assistant jobs provide better hiring opportunities. Lab technician jobs are always in need at distant and remote locations where people would not like to settle. This can be a good opportunity at the beginning of a career to gain experience as well as earn a good pay cheque along with traveling.

Higher pay scales are always offered at positions where healthcare professionals are low in supply and high in demand. When you are traveling and settling in a remote location, you are always at a desirable chance of being paid more than the regular package. In addition, many companies provide additional perks such as contract completion bonuses, housing allowances, referral bonuses, etc which would make the deal even sweeter.

Better exposure is always possible when you are working in a small team or at a remote location. A travel lab technician job will not have many superiors to report, to and allow multiple responsibilities to be allocated to you. You can have better reach to challenging medical cases and diagnoses. This can work wonders for your professional career growth and experience as a medical healthcare professional.

Housing is always provided on campus for travel lab assistant jobs. As they are not expecting you to have a home at the new location, housing is provided by them. Else, it is covered in the form of housing allowances with your salary package. Both ways, housing, and food expenses go down and a lot of savings are possible.

Cons regarding travel medical lab technician jobs

Travel can be a problem for some professionals. When you easily feel homesick, you don’t have decent company for the weekend or you cannot find relatives or friends to speak to, a job location may feel like a trap rather than an opportunity. Also, some remote locations may have limited connectivity to the towns and this adds up to loneliness problems.

Pay rates can sometimes work against you in travel jobs. Contracts are location-based and sometimes, it may not be a good deal. As your pay scale is fluctuating, it is difficult to do any financial planning based on such income. It is better to either have a secondary source of income to support your personal expenses and pay your bills. You should else, reject certain locations based on salary package expectations.

Certain company benefits are available to permanent employees such as medical allowances, vacations, travel allowances, and insurance. Maternity and paternity leaves are also becoming a norm across the country. All these benefits come as part of a permanent job package. This is include with a certain percentage of pay increment after each salary year. However, all these perks are out of the question for temporary positions such as travel lab assistant jobs or lab technician jobs. When you have a family to take care of, a traveling job may not suit your lifestyle and personal finances.

Wrapping Up:

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