Types of Building Maintenance Services

Building Maintenance Services

Infrastructure maintenance is often carried out in a variety of ways based on the age, materials, and operations of the building. The common areas of building maintenance typically include air conditioning systems, fixtures, and electrical systems. Also, things like cleaning the spaces, taking out the trash on a regular basis, and fixing damaged facilities to maintain safety. Building maintenance services encompass all the tasks necessary to keep a structure operational and habitable.

The article will highlight the types of maintenance services that any infrastructure demands from time to time.


Type 1: Regular or Routine Repairs

Regular repairs comprise maintenance that is necessary for the building’s utilities, such as plumbing, water supply, garage collection, etc. Malfunctioning switches, choked drainage systems, watering plants, hedge cutting, brushing fallen leaves, and so on are a few examples of day-to-day repairs. This infrastructure maintenance service’s goal is to have continuous operations run throughout the year.


Type 2: Annual Fixtures

This kind of building maintenance service is provided to keep the infrastructure looking nice and safe for the people residing in it. White washing, distempering, cleaning of tanks and lines, and other tasks are a few examples that fall under annual repairs.


Type 3: Particular Repairs

Specific building repairs are made to replace the deteriorating components that occur due to the age of the building. It’s vital to have one of this popular type of building maintenance services to ensure components & elements are working fine. Hence, the infrastructure looks like its original state.


Type 4: Modifications and Additions

Additions and modifications are made to meet the unique needs of the tenants while maintaining the structure’s functionality. These kinds of projects bring buildings’ amenities up to date. Therefore, reflect on the price of the building.


Type 5: Preventive Maintenance

The goal of preventive maintenance is to keep equipment from breaking down. Fungi, insect attacks,seepage, and other issues are all included in preventive maintenance. This type of maintenance is dependent on the season or weather.


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Cleaning up a facility is the responsibility of janitors. Mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, cleaning bathrooms, and washing windows and glass doors are all included in the cleaning.


> The HVAC, electrical, and water systems in buildings are among the systems that technicians fix. Maintenance technicians also carry out maintenance duties such as reporting to supervisors, assigning tasks, and so on.


> A team of maintenance employees is scheduled, assigned, and managed by maintenance supervisors. To determine the maintenance department’s daily or weekly priorities, they examine new work orders as well as short- and long-term goals. Maintenance supervisors are also in charge of hiring, training, and conducting interviews for fresh staff.



Building maintenance ensures the comfort and safety of both people and plants. Furthermore, from a financial perspective, routine upkeep can help property owners save costs and raise the value of their assets.


Ongoing preventative maintenance is less expensive than emergency repair or replacement.

Over time, it’s crucial to hire a maintenance service provider to support structure functionality and the security of people.