What Can I Do After a Online BCA Program? 11 Options That Will Put You on the Right Path

What Can I Do After a Online BCA Program?

Online BCA is a very fast field that deals with the specifications of Computer Applications and you can take admission to this program just after finishing your class 12th examination. The online Bachelor of Computer Applications is a three-year bachelor’s degree program that prepares students for future goals and career opportunities in the field of IT and computer software. In this mode of education, you will get all the career-related guidance and assistance in the virtual model.

This course is provided in six semesters and you need to complete every semester for your enhanced growth and for the promotion to the next one. In this program, you will learn various topics and subjects like C-Programming language, Computer Fundamentals, In-depth knowledge of computer subsystems, System Analysis and Design, Computer Laboratory and some practical works, Organizational Behaviour, etc.

BCA is one of the highly preferred courses for those who want to learn programming, networking and hardware etc. The syllabus consists of classroom learning, practical sessions, research and other assessment works etc. BCA is said to be one of the best career-oriented courses after BBA and MBA.

Most Online BCA students are always worried about their career perspectives and job opportunities after completing the course. Online BCA provides many job opportunities to the students and makes them professionals in IT and computer domains.

You can easily do various things and grab possible job opportunities that arise even after online BCA as the degree is completely valid and authorized by the UGC.

Let’s check some major opportunities after completing the Online BCA program in online mode:

1. Data Scientist

Data Scientist is one of the highly emerging sectors in India and abroad for BCA students who have passed the degree. If you have the courage to play with statistics and numbers, the Data Scientist is one of the best options for you. It needs skilled players that are taught in the course of online BCA. The professionals of Data scientists can easily work in various industries like finance, technology, etc.

Students must know the basic requirements to become Data scientists. For this post, you must have knowledge of Data and machine learning, Data Visualization, Language processing, Predictive Analysis, Programming, and more.

2. Reputed Digital Marketer

The need for a skilled Digital Marketer is the need of time for every company because sales and promotion are some of the vital goals of every organization. A digital marketer knows how to manage your goals and generate more and more traffic to enhance sales and marketing with perfect strategies and campaigns.

Graduates of BCA can easily enter this field in order to establish a striving career. In case you want to take this route, then you can also do a short-time digital marketing course from a reputed institution after completing a BCA degree course.

3. Cyber Security Expert

After completing your course, you can easily choose the profession of Cyber Security Expert as the course will equip you with the necessary cybersecurity knowledge and understanding. It’s one of the best career options after an Online BCA.

Every organization be it SME, small, or multinational, needs cybersecurity professionals to manage their cyber and IT works. Therefore, such experts are in demand. Also, for shifting of online and IT resources, companies need Cyber security professionals to execute their IT tasks related to their accounts.

4. Product Manager

This career option is one of the best to choose after the Online BCA Degree Program. The role of a product manager is to manage all the export and import transactions related to the specific products in which they are dealing. In the BCA degree program, you will learn various things about product management with multiple stages including the advertisement of the same. Product Managers are those professionals who help their organizations develop, identify, and release products as per the requirements of general customers.

5. Go for the Jobs in Blockchain Industry

If you are looking for the best career after completing your online education in BCA, then the blockchain industry will be the best option to choose. The industry is one of the fastest-growing fields for new graduates as it needs skilled professionals with complete knowledge of computer applications.

You can join top institutions and companies as Blockchain managers or developers.

In order to become a skilled blockchain manager or analyst, you need to have a better understanding of various topics like backend developments, smart contracts, solidity, Java, and more.

Choose Higher Education

You can also choose higher education just after completing your online course in the BCA program. There are various courses available at the PG level that will nurture your talents and understanding in the particular field you choose as your career prospects. Some of them are mentioned below:

MCA (Master of Computer Applications)

Most BCA graduates prefer to do an MCA because taking a master’s degree in the field you have studied earlier will be the best option for you. MCA is available in regular and distance education mode in various educational institutions. The course provides you with a deeper understanding of various things like software development and software design and advanced programming. After completing the course, you can easily hold various top positions like database administrators, software engineers, system analysts and more.

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

It’s another popular course that is completely job oriented as most multinational companies search for MBA graduates for appointment to top positions in their organizations. It’s a two-year master’s degree program in management. You need to read a total of four semesters in all. After completing your MBA course, you will get a good pay scale as per the company norms.

Customer Support Technician

After the BCA degree program, you can choose the Customer Support Technician job as it is one of the highly demanding courses in India that addresses the problems of clients via phone, email, live chat, etc. The job role helps the customers and clients by offering the best possible solutions to their respective issues regarding computer and IT software products or the maintenance of hardware systems.

The primary task of CS Technicians is to work on various solutions in order to troubleshoot software related issues.

System Analysis

A System Analyst is a responsible person who uses his analytic thinking and design skills to resolve various issues related to businesses. They work as change agents who need to discover the improvements required for the organizational systems and work towards a better career opportunity.

Technical Associate

Most IT companies need skilled technical professionals for technical issues with software management and system infrastructure. The main task of technical associates is to check the main issues in their database and remove them in no time for the smooth functioning of projects and IT systems.

Software Developer

Software Developer is the need of every IT and digital marketing company. There are many companies that recruit fresh graduates as Software Developers in their company in order to execute the best performance in software development. It’s one of the highly growing fields in India that offers the best opportunities for BCA graduates.